Saturday, 3 November 2012

Catching up and looking back on October

Door, Cement, Public Transport, Pipes

Door: my freshly painted door and our front door

Cement: I think this one is cheating, its actually made of marble but it looks like cement to me

Public Transport: Dd's bus pass has been a life saver to us

Pipes: As hidden in dd's airing cupboard, they are now nicely boxed in

Black and White

Landscape: Wolverhampton

Portrait: Mother and Me

Pattern: another one of my zentangles

Close Up

Family Portrait, Free Choice, Heart warming, orange

Family Portrait: Mother, parents in law and my gang (though natty and dom seem to have disappeared from the square photo :D

Free Choice: Mother and Dom at work

Heart Warming: Candle light

orange: my little halloween plant

Crooked, quirky, dark, statue

Dd giving me a crooked smile

A quirky painting we discovered in the art gallery

Its getting dark early now... i like it

The same statue that already came to my rescue for the word "bronze" this time its the actual statue rather than the plaque

And here is an overview of all the photos i took in october: