Sunday, 4 November 2012

up to date blogging

Well, this is strange... im up to date with the blogging again. I think, if i do another 365 challenge in 2013, ill just blog once a week.. anyway, peace and quiet has been restored to the household and i find myself being able to breath again, the emotional after effects of mother's visit will linger for some time, but that will also fade with time.

Fear, Tree, Primary Colour, Group

Fear: An odd one for many of you, but my mother is the one human on this planet who causes me more fear than anything or anybody else, for a number of reasons.

Tree: This is the little tree in our backgarden that has been snapped a few times during this challenge.

Primary Colours: Okay, this is cheating again, but i like this table cloth as it makes the room so cheerful.. and if you look closely, there IS a primary colour in there!

Group: My boys yesterday at the fireworks in Himley, all huddled up and grouped together.


At first i thought of showing you all my rather small paper collection, but changed my mind at the last minute! I had just put away these little paper baskets to keep when i figured, a photo would be more enduring and less bulky to remember these by. My grandmother taught me how to make these when i was a toddler and this time, my mother taught Dd and Ds2 how to make them during her stay here. Hopefully, the tradition of teaching our littlies these baskets will now continue with Dd teaching her children and/or grandchildren.