Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gone off the prompts

Just a little bit. I've been really struggling these last few weeks.. In a way I'm dreading 2013 (I know it's just superstition but I can't help feeling dread for any year that lasts 365 days and ends in 13) 2012 has not been kind to us so hopefully things will get better... But then I've been saying that for my entire adult life
Next year has to be better!

There are some huge changes on the calendar for us, the biggest will be a move to Wales in early summer... Dh has been offered a new job, lots more money, prospects for promotions I should be so happy, so how come I have a sinking feeling about all this??

Anyway in the meantime I've been taking some xmassy photos... I've not decorated the house anywhere near as much as I usually do... The mood just isn't there.