Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Photo A Day.. catching up with catch ups of catch ups Day 10

These last few days have just taken on a life of their own it seems... I just about managed to take my photos and make quick mental notes for my LSNE project, but as far as hopping on here and updating the blog was concerned, well, it just fell off the agenda. I am learning something NEW every day though, but more about that in the right post. So, here are my catch ups of the catch ups...

10/10 Hands
10/06 YOU again.. there are only so many photos of me I'm willing to take, so i used a portrait my daughter made of me way back in June actually!!
10/04 A place.. this is a memorial plaque/art thingy in our marketsquare


  1. Thank you Borqna... i thought it was a great portrait of me :) shes quite the artist but not very confident in her ability.

  2. Congratulations on your new picture!
    Happy Holidays!