Thursday, 3 October 2013

A photo a day (or three)

I kind of touched on the fact that I have slipped on my 365 challenge on and off during this year... what did I tell you all about 2013?? I can't wait for 2014, when things will be even again.

Anyway, as a way of making up missed days in previous months, I have been taking the prompts on the right days, in the wrong months. So I am slowly catching up again. Some of the prompts I missed simply because they were just too "difficult" .. especially the ones centred around emotions. I tend to overthink everything, then there was a phase where I got intimidated by all the artsy, creative, brilliant master shots other people were taking. So I had to rethink a lot of angles for the challenge. I think I'm getting there though and making it my own now. 

Light, Colourful, My name begins with and Happiness is..

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