Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Learn Something New Every Day - Day 1

I have been learning quite a bit (mainly about myself) these last two days! Poor Kim is trying her best to help me out here, but nothing seems to be helping... so I thought, I would start with a bullet list of things I have "learned" since yesterday:

  • I take everything way too literally (I blame my autistic traits)
  • I am really bad at committing things to paper or writing things down.. in fact I seem to be avoiding it at ALL cost.
  • Girly days out ARE fun
  • It is great catching up with a friend, especially when you haven't seen them in a while.
  • The camera does not break (as I had feared) when someone takes a photo of me. I may not LIKE it very much, but it is OK and doesn't kill me.
  • Buying underwear for teenage girls is hard work, especially when the teenager involved tags along.
  • The new library in Birmingham is indeed great, even if it has you suffering with vertigo!
  • Starbucks shortbread has a mind of its' own... ask Kim!!!
  • I need to make more time for "me" and not feel guilty about it.
  • I take myself way too seriously sometimes... Lighten up a bit girl!
  • "Life is a learning experience, only if you learn."
  • I've learned way more over the last couple of days than i thought.
Vertigo can be conquered

Kim in her pod..taken from MY pod

Shortbread with a mind of its' own

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  1. You've learnt loads!!!!!!!!! I like the bullet point approach - you could use the photo of YOU and scrap those!