Thursday, 3 October 2013

Learn Something New Every Day - Day 2

So, the prompt is to reflect and come up with something that has to do with someone who taught me something.. are you following that? No? Never mind because it had my poor, literal mind all confused.

I hated school, absolutely, utterly hated it... well, i hated the social aspect of school and never got the hang of it, but I have always LOVED learning! I am very good at teaching myself, I taught myself to read before I even went to school (which surprised not only my parents but also the teacher), I taught myself to crochet, knit, cook, speak different languages. I realised very early on that I love technology and computers, so I taught myself how to design websites, how to get around the net and even (at one time) how to hack. I love learning new things, however, I have a zero attention span. Once I have mastered something, I don't hang around to refine the skill, I move right along. If something is too easy, I move along... nothing is ever too hard though. I hate being taught to this day and prefer to go about my own research and learn things on my own. I am one of those people who throw out the instructions manual and figure it out... on my own. I think it is exciting to have a world of knowledge at my fingertips, all the time, wherever I am. 

This quote sums me up perfectly:

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.
Winston Churchill

Knowledge at my fingertips... all my gadgets

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  1. Wonderful post! I love the quote and "the title" of the photo.
    I think you can even give a topic for a challenge.