Friday, 4 October 2013

Learn Something New Every Day - Steps Day 3

"Even the longest journey must begin where you stand."

Note to self: Time to change the crocs to something more weatherproof!

What i learned:
  • When you are preoccupied thinking about challenges, you will walk out of the house with unsuitable footwear.
  • The twelve steps program for codependency is much harder to implement than it looks; I am still struggling along with step 1.
  • I like finding quotes to fit in with learning something new.
  • That even the smallest step in the right direction is better than a huge step in the wrong direction.
  • That I should use my SatNav more often... when meeting up with Kim the other day in Birmingham I happily went past my turn off and carried on, turning a 12 mile trip into a 47.3 mile trip.
  • That not ALL men know the roads better than women. The two men I asked for directions on how to get back to the NORTH bound m6 were adamant that I already WAS on the north bound motorway, when I knew that London is definitely SOUTH from us.
  • I still cannot tell my left from my right and it even exasperates my SatNav. (I am waiting for the day he says "No the OTHER right!"
  • That distance is not always the same for me and everyone else! The next man i asked about how far it was to the next exit from said motorway reckoned... "oooh in about 6 miles or so." when my TomTom shortly after cheerily told me to take the next exit in 800 yards.
  • That even the longest journeys come to an end, even if sometimes the destination is not quite where you wanted to be.