Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My poor unloved, neglected blog

I always knew I wasn't the best at keeping up with stuff... but the way this poor blog has been neglected shames even me. I suppose the main reason is that i don't have a horde of followers, desperately waiting for the next installment of "my happenings".

I could lie and say that my 365 challenge is going just fine... but it isnt... some days are better than others and I took a big, fat break in the middle of the year. I am trying to catch up though, and make myself take a photo for each day on the RIGHT day, but in the wrong month. I figured that, by the time it is 2014 i won't remember when each photo was taken anyway... so it is cheating but not ;)

Why resurrect the blog now? Today? Well... Kim has challenged me to "learn something new every day". Being that I am already stuck (despite numerous prompts from Kim) on day TWO, I think I had better start somewhere, in fact anywhere would be good right now... so, here i am.. learning something new everyday.

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