Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 15 - Drink

Today turned out to be a surprisingly NICE day.. despite the weather being typically british (read that as wet, grey and cold). I spent a couple of hours catching up with Kim, being spoiled and having a posh (albeit tiny ) cup of coffee  at costa's ... which caused quite some hilarity, but Kim wouldn't have any of it when I suggested that surely that cute, tiny little cup was included in the extortionate price she paid for it! 

I then had the dubious joy of introducing ds2 to Allo! Allo! and the fallen madonna with the missing booby... and, yes, being that I AM german, i am allowed to take mickey out of my fellow countrymen (and women). Nothing politically incorrect going on in this household.

And in other news, I have received Clawdeen, she is spending a day or so here with us and then she will be off to her next adventure. If you want to know more about Clawdeen, you can visit her blog, I should add that Clawdeen's UK and European adventure has been entirely made possible by our very own, lovely Michelle, who went out and purchased the European stunt double.

I even managed to get an "inside a machine" photo just in time for today, as you've already seen my washmonster, I thought I'd introduce the tumble dryer next.


  1. Hello tumble drier .. A warm welcome ! ;-)

  2. Lovely photos - very glad for your meeting with Kim!
    Wonderful mood!

  3. Nice pictures. A drier is a necessity in the winter months since there is not as much sunshine, etc.

  4. LOL Nicole, Clawdeen has been staying with my friend Shirley in Oxford :D

    1. shirley d??? lol its a small world isnt it :D im surprised she didnt put clawdeen into dailysnappers yet