Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day 14 - Ordinary

Thankfully turned out to be an entirely ordinary day, I like ordinary. In fact, give me ordinary every day! I happily went about my day, capturing snippets of this mundane, nothing special happened, I'm quite content with that day. 

Yes, ordinary usually means at least 2 big loads of laundry, hundreds of cups, glasses, mugs and plates needing to be washed, the door going every 15 minutes with some of the kids' friends coming or going, cooking, sweeping floors, taking care of the critters but it is predictable. 

There is a calming order to all those things. I suppose being ASD means that I don't like my routine being upset (unless I am the one upsetting it), but I had never given it much thought in the past or thought I achieved much in an ordinary day. 
Writing it all out, I think my days are pretty full... I am still working on the "me time" thing, taking a few minutes each night to post here and keeping up with our dailysnappers all count though, so it's off to a good start in that department for me.

And, of course, doing TWO photo a day challenges and still keeping up is pretty good for me as well.. I normally would have given up on at least one by now!

I tried to come up with something creative for today's "inside" prompt.. but failed spectacularly, yet again. So here's one shot showing what is currently in my "everday" handbag and one showing what is in my ribbon jar


  1. Wonderful post!
    Really like your collage of photos!
    You can do these challenges - I know that you managed to complete
    365 +1 - as you promised! Congratulations on that!

  2. I think you gave done great with the inside pictures ..just what I had in mind x your days seem as busy as mine ..amazing yest some people have very quiet lives while some have people passing through all the time..

  3. Well done in what you have achieved daily in 2014 and I am sure you won't give up, we are all in our 3rd year of blogging daily and is part of an ordinary day now! xx

  4. You sound very busy to me, that me time is important and well done on still being on track with the challenges, you are doing better than me. x