Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 18 - Today

Today was a typical Saturday in our house, busy busy with kids coming and going all day long! At one point there were ten of them in the boys' room, but they soon regrouped in the living room to watch some movies and consume obscene amounts of food! I guess I'm a strange parent, I rather have them all here and safe than roaming the streets, possibly getting into trouble.

I almost forgot about the Lucky7s word, but managed to run out and snap a quick picture! Otherwise I could have fallen back on an archive photo featuring the lovely Clawdeen!





  1. Gosh you are either great or mad having all those teenagers in the house LOL!! Well done and you are right it keeps them safe and at least you know where they are!
    When does Clawdeen leave and where does she visit next?

    1. lol i think i have to go with the "mad" bit :D though they all seem to love me and all call me "mum", i dont even notice it anymore and just go "yes luv what can i do for you"... it is a bit strange and sad to see how they all seem to lap up grownup attention and come to me for a chat. Clawdeen left the building on Friday, so that is one less rowdy teenager to worry about :D though she was really well behaved and quite a pleasure to have. She is due to go on her bigger journey next week... all the way to Finland!

  2. wow Clawdeen has been busy

  3. I look forward to hearing from Clawdeen in Finland.