Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 19 - Favourite Thing To Wear

I had all these "great" ideas for photos today.. and each time I went to upload it, someone had already beaten me to it. From the obvious boots, via perfume, jewellery to onesie and even as remote as bare feet (though that would never be an option for me), the girls got there first. Until just now, yes, I just managed to think of something favourite and not shown yet! Once I glanced downwards, it was actually quite an obvious "favourite thing to wear", as without these, I would be cold and miserable ALL day long. I have a whole drawer full of them, in all different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, for different occasions and different events (stop it... no I'm not talking about something as personal as THAT).. I give you: MY SOCKS!

And for the Lucky7s word... I think my idea is pure genius :) a SURPRISE inside


  1. Yes.. excellent surprise inside..x

  2. Great interpretation of the prompt for Lucky 7s.

  3. BRAVO!
    Excellent idea!
    and - These socks are incredibly funny - a great mood!

  4. Those socks 'crack me up'!!! Love your surprise inside!!!