Friday, 24 January 2014

Day 24 - Your Family

I am experimenting with different times of day to blog for the next few days, maybe I will eventually find "the right time"... though, 18.30 probably isn't the best of times, as I should be making dinner!

I got myself stuck with Family, it seems that the kids feature a lot in my photos anyway, but my choice of photo makes me feel like i "cheated" a bit. I chose to show an old, old family photo I was given by my mum. It shows her side of the family, back in 1932! I don't know most of the people in the photo, I can name a few and have remember a handful from my childhood. There is a long history to our family and one of the women in the photo is a Jewish aunt. My grandmother and grandfather hid her and her children during the war and my grandfather was subsequently executed in a German concentration camp as a "traitor to the Reich"... hiding his Jewish relative wasn't his only act of defiance to the regime though.. he openly told a recruiter that "he wouldn't fight for a pig like Hitler" and uttered some other obscenities before being arrested and marched away. Needless to say, this caused hardship on my grandmother and her remaining 10 children. I regret that I never got to meet my grandfather, I cannot even begin to understand how much courage it must have taken to stand up like that for his beliefs. And I also admire my grandmother, who lost her one and only love and remained unmarried throughout her life. I never met the Jewish aunt or any of her children, though my mother says that two are still alive today, she even remembered Rebekkah, the youngest of the girls.
The stern looking gentleman in the middle was apparently the nicest man you could wish to meet. My mum is the baby in the bottom right, on my grandmother's lap, my grandfather is next to her with one of her brothers and in front of them are three more uncles of mine. The Jewish aunt is the lady on the far left with the baby on her lap. And the pair in the middle are my great grandparents, my grandmother's parents.

As for the Lucky7s "my world in five words" .. I give you CHAOS!
But, that's only one word I hear you all say, just bear with me on this one :) 
I suffer from a very common ailment, I am sure that many of you will be able to relate:
It is called "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" this is mainly due to the state of chaos this house is normally in.. I give you all a small, embarrassing sneak peek


  1. I think that's a very inventive 5 word day and anyways, why not a 5-letter word day if you like! It is so interesting to hear about people's families and the experiences of their grandparents...doesn't seem possible this kind of thing was the experience of people still here to tell us about it. Thanks Nicky x

  2. Gosh Nicole how interesting that blog was about your family, loved it!
    Hope when you have time you will try and find your Jewish Aunt's 2 children.

    Love your 5 letter word and seems as if you are having a really bad day today (Sat) on FB (((Hugs))) and hope everything gets sorted xx

  3. Nicky thank you for sharing you family history with us. It was so interesting and so very brave of your grandfather.
    As for the Chaos syndrome I love your interpretation. I used to feel like you but now (probably age related) I don't care and people have to take me as they find me.

  4. Wonderful post about your family, thank you for sharing. How interesting yet sad it was. The picture is great as well. As for your five words, I think that can apply to a lot of us. LOL! Great post!

  5. sending you some hugs. what a great family photo. love your 5 day word