Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 23 - Road

I really need to find a better time to do this "blogging thing" because 23.24 is most definitely NOT the best time of day to be doing it. After yesterday's events, I decided that it was probably safest not to venture too far from home, who knows what would have happened!

I had a good excuse to stay in anyway as I was waiting for my first time ever delivery of Project Life goodies, with another lot due tomorrow. Today I received some lovely filler cards and tomorrow's parcel will have the albums, page protectors and more paper...
I really will not have any reason left over to not document 2014! Especially not when keeping in mind that the husband has been providing me with plenty of material to include in the first few weeks of this year.

Today's dailysnappers word prompt was: Road (I really do not recall putting that word down in the google calendar, my tiny little brain is as surprised every day as you all are) As I didn't go anywhere interesting, I took a quick snapshot of "our road" with a weekly weather forecast included, courtesy of instagram!

Someone (I think it was Viv) asked if my husband was hurt... I can assure you, not while he fell through the ceiling, however  had I gotten my hands on him, there would have been pain involved. The hole is now covered with some plasterboard and hopefully a skim and then a textured paint will do the job. If not, I shall go back to those calming thoughts of possible death for him!  

It is honestly really hard to come up with my "silver lining" for the last couple of days, I think I am going to have go outside of the box for a while... something I am not particularly good at. Let's see, I guess for yesterday I could be thankful that it was "only" a hole in the ceiling and not a "whole" ceiling and today I should be thankful to my husband's friend, who came to his rescue once again. I am also quite thankful that the husband has managed a day without causing chaos and mayhem.

There was something else I was going to keep a record of via this blog, but I cannot remember what it was! I'm currently still trying to read "A discovery of witches" ... I started that before Christmas, thinking that vampires, witches, daemons, magic is right up my street but I am having a hard time "getting with the book". I know the views on the book are very divided, and I certainly wouldn't liken it to "Twilight", but I am still on the fence about whether I like or dislike the book.

Oh, I almost forgot... Lucky7s photo.. funny that today was the only day that is posing a problem. I'm all set for 5,6 and even 7. But 4 (although one of my favourite numbers due to it being even) was a tough nut to crack so I went with the age old "a day in my world in four words" cheat or rather 1 day in my world (see what I did there? number 1 is numerical therefore does not count as a word).. Another sink, ironing pile (which isn't too bad at the moment), critter food and tumble dryer photo. I must have taken 100s of those over the last three years. 

I'll leave you with my ramblings and photos :) 


  1. I like your notes and photos.
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog.
    I am glad that this year you participate in two challenges!
    Have a nice day!

  2. The ironing basket looks challenging enough! Sounds like you've dealt with your ceiling a lot more promptly than ours!

  3. I think you are doing great.. and even over a tough Blue Monday week.. which they say is the dullest most depressing day of the year! x

  4. Glad hubby wasn't hurt but I can imagine your frustration with him.
    . It can be hard at time to count your blessings and you've done very well. I hope you have a stressless weekend

  5. osh that was a quick repair, with my DH it would be weeks to wait for someone to come and repair!!

    Love your 4 words and photos today and do hope you keep on blogging with us, just love reading it:)