Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day 32 - Throw Away

I think i may just about make it to blog on the 1st ... it is 23.58!!! Again, not an ideal time to be blogging but things are completely up in the air tonight... I am so torn at the moment. Just when my day was seemingly going really well, the next twist in this saga occurs, never a dull moment. I could write a book, but people would mistake "my life story" for good fiction. You really couldn't make it up if you tried!

I had quite a few silver linings today though, the boys (yes ALL of them even my honorary kids) helped me clear out the shed and then the middle child and I carted it all off to the tip and had a lovely KFC for lunch. We had plenty of giggles and just a lovely chill time until the husband drama act 5 enfolded. It was totally coincidental that we cleared the shed on the day that has "Throw Away" as a prompt. We packed as many black bin bags into the back of the car as we could.. and yes, I felt like that mad professor from the very old Zafira ads :) 

As for Lucky7s photos, I actually took this yesterday, so in a way it's a cheat.. but it really is a "frequent view" for those of us living in the west midlands, going up and down the M6