Friday, 31 January 2014

Days 27 - 31

It really didn't take long this year for me to fall behind did it? I must admit, even I didn't anticipate the happenings in my life this early in a year that was supposed to be so much better than the other three! I am hurting, confused and struggling at the moment.. but I have a wonderful set of friends, and especially Kim, who keep reassuring me that I can do this and I will try. That is my promise to myself. 

I did take my photos despite all the happenings... And I think that is one sign that I am starting to work through some of the issues and learning to survive and even live through this whole thing.

Silver linings have been hard to find, I think I need to realise that they don't have to be big, shiny, you can see them from a mile off kind of slivers of happiness, but even just little moments. With that in mind: On Tuesday, I stayed calm even though my world fell apart and I embraced the support the kids, their friends and Cooper gave me to carry me through a horrible night. On Wednesday, I had Kim "stay" with me all day and talk me down and through and around all sorts of real and imagined problems. On Thursday, I was a little bit stronger than the day before and reached out to find some help for myself (even though I pulled out at the last minute in a panic). On Friday, I took time out, I paid the bills (I even went into an office and made a personal payment without having a meltdown) and I went to see Kim for a coffee. I saw the funny side of being stuck in major traffic on the M6 and enjoyed 21st century living by playing "I spy" with Kim from my iphone. I had some lovely peaceful talks with the kids and we just had a generally chilled evening. And today, we will see what my silver lining will be today I guess but I am sure there will be one.

Day 27 - A group of flowers I made
Day 28 - Boring... shopping
Day 29 - Inside my laptop
Day 30 - J is for Jelly
Day 31 - Spaghetti Junction a cultural part of Birmingham

As for the Lucky7s challenges, the view prompts I constantly stumble over.. I really don't know what it is about "view" that makes me go all blank? I guess the thought of showing our back "garden" makes me shudder as it is a complete mess.. the view out of the front window is dismal (with an old, neglected factory building opposite us) and I'm struggling with going outside.. I am ok letting Coops take me for a quick trot, but taking photos while being walked by him is out of the question. I did however just remember that I snapped a couple of photos on my way back from Kim's house on Friday, so maybe those will be acceptable?

Family AND Friends... me and the middle child

This season's favourite meal.. nothing like a KFC to cheer you up.


  1. It looks like you might be feeling better after a bad week. Hugs

  2. You are doing great.. and if you fall by the wayside one week, just do one view or one of my Lucky 7's and say to hell with the other 6 days.. it's cool to jump back in.. honest.. x