Monday, 3 February 2014

Day 34 - Square

I totally forgot that all the way back in January i joined this project called "Do What You Love For Life"... it was mainly because it turned out to be something entirely different to what I thought it was, read that as, I didn't even read the title properly. Anyway, I am a bit out of place with that group, but some of the prompts and things that come up can be adapted to me, so I am giving the bits that I find useful a go. 

February's project is a "Happy List", which I actually printed out and started filling in, as it goes along with my "silver lining" thing anyway. I really could not think of anything at all yesterday, so I ended up being thankful for nothing major going wrong :). My word for the month is "Inner Peace" and my three major steps to achieving this are: 

  1. Letting go of things I cannot control
  2. Starting to document/journal more often
  3. Remembering something positive    

As for our dailysnappers prompt of "Square"... initially the only thing i could find in a hurry was a bit of chocolate, but later on I remembered that I had put my favourite Zentangle squares onto a square canvass (which was supposed to go on a wall somewhere but still lives on the stairs after 4 months). The good thing about the canvass is that I can sort of squeeze it in with the Lucky7s prompt too... although I am not saying that the Zentangles are anything special or even a firm favourite but it'll have to do.

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  1. Nicky, I love your Zentangle squares, they make a beautiful picture and would look lovely hanging on the wall. I would love to know how you did it