Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 35 - Striped

I seem to be doing better today! I managed to get my stripy photos pretty early on, well, as snoozing Becks is a pretty easy striped target and one of Ozzy's dinners was clinging to me for dear life (literally) so I got a creepy cute striped dinner photo as well.

I even managed to take a photo of my messy "craft heaven" for the Lucky7s challenge, even though not much crafting is going on at the moment. 
Craft Heaven

I made another bunny, this one is going to go all the way to Portugal! 

And for my silver lining today I will have to go with being thankful to my dad for teaching me how to do DIY. The ceiling in the boys' bedroom is no longer a gaping hole, just one more layer of plaster, a skim and finish and then I can get on to painting the ceiling. 




  1. Sure looks like you have it going on today. .well done x

  2. Your craft room doesn't look messy to me - just full. I love your little rabbits.
    Well done on the repair, My dad also taught me lots of DIY jobs even maintaining the car so before I met Roland I was a real DIYer

  3. Well done with DIY, I guess you are on your own now? (((hugs))) not easy :(