Friday, 7 February 2014

Day 38 - Game

I really don't know what on earth possessed me when I came up with 365 random words.. GAME?? Really? That is a christmas eve word, not a 7th of February word! I have figured that I probably tried to incorporate those terribly boring Winter Olympics in our month.. because I know that just because I hate anything sport, doesn't mean everyone else does (though it is a concept I'm still struggling with). To my utter surprise, everyone came up with non olympic related games anyway and it took me all day to find something a bit more interesting than the original screen shot of my "Draw Something" battle with Kim :) (we are setting a new record there!!!). I enlisted the help of the husband, don't ask it's all so complicated with him it hurts my head, and came up with a sort of usable impromptu game.

Lucky7s prompts are getting tricky this week as well. Power of advertising.. well, we all know about that, especially where the offspring is concerned. On the whole, I find adverts annoying, especially on TV.. at least I can mainly ignore billboards.. junk mail, don't even get me started on that! I am usually not tempted by overly advertised products and brands, but I realised yesterday when nipping to the shop, that I am notorious for forgetting my "green shopping bags" and I am a real sucker for the many pretty reusable bags you can buy at the shops now. This shop didn't have all the funky printed ones, but I didn't have the time or inclination to drive over to my preferred shop to take a photo of their pretty bags on display, so snapped a photo of the bags on sale where I was.

Silver Lining: The Youth club is amazing... they cleaned up the kitchen for me when I went into mini meltdown mode because of a certain person. When I walked into the disaster zone, it was spotless! They even gleamed up the cooker and put all the dishes away. Everyone gave me a big hug and put me back on an even keel. DD made me a bigger, better tiara to wear  ~~  •~~  •~~  And the sun made an appearance too, so I had a chance to tank up on some happy rays. 


  1. I have a thing about reuseable bags especially fabric ones and have so many I will never use them all

  2. I going more sun would make us all a lot less stressed too x

  3. I love the thought that has gone into Lucky 7 with you this week xx