Thursday, 6 February 2014

Day 37 - Weather

What can I say? I mean really? We live in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom.. that pretty much means perpetual RAIN, rain in varying degrees, from downpours, drizzles, spitting to this horrible dampness that seems to fall from the sky... it isn't exactly rain, but it isn't sea mist or mist either, it does fall on you, it creeps into your jackets, hats, gloves, scarves.. it makes you feel damp, miserable and cold from the inside out. If there is ONE thing I absolutely loathe about this chosen home country of mine, it's the WEATHER!! Even my Mum in Germany gets better weather than we do! With that said, here is my weather picture:

Did I mention that it was cold too?

Lucky7s word was most definitely a challenge... TV programs.. this is a much argued about area of life between the husband and myself. He wants to sit in front of the TV to watch films/programs/series with me, but really, I do not have the attention span to follow anything and very little things on the box capture my interest. All those horrible advert breaks as well and it makes me want to run to my little crafty corner within minutes. Saying that, I do sometimes grab the odd episode of some series.. I know, most of them have some eye candy in them but hey, a girl can at least dream if she is suffering through an otherwise unbearable activity. This is the best I could come with for a photo... it was initially just the TV turned off, but I then had a play with it, so it is heavily edited.

And in other news, I got my first motoring fine in the post today. Worst thing is, it happened last week, when my head was all over the place and I couldn't even remember why I was going where I was at the time... they were obviously right, as I was in the buslane but still, it took me all afternoon to figure out why I was there in the first place! My mind does this to me... when things happen, it just blocks it ALL out and I lose entire days or weeks. I paid up and got a 50% reduction, lesson learned but it did throw me for a curve again for the better part of the afternoon. It is that destructive self talk ... I guess it is easier to bash myself and tell myself how stupid I am, how stupid it was to take the shortcut and think I'd get away with it, how it serves me right for being so stupid.. you get the picture.. yes, I'm feeling pretty stupid. And just to prove to you all how stupid I am:

And my silver lining for today... it is a rather HUGE, shiny, more like golden one! DD only managed to get an A* in her English exams!! Now she needs to do the same in Maths and she will be set for Uni. Well done baby girl, I am one proud mummy today.