Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 41 - 43 A catch up

Despite all the uproar I forced myself to take some photos.. if I set a challenge, I should at least try to keep up. Blogging the photos seems to be a whole different story though, taking 2 minutes to take a bad snapshot that fits the word is one thing, writing about it on days your mind is in a whirl, well that's something I haven't figured out yet. I'm forcing myself to calm down (or should I say relax) about the situations, at the end of the day, it has happened now and no amount of my being upset, disappointed, hurt, angry, frustrated and betrayed is ever going to change the past. I guess all that is left to do now is to look forward and work with what we have.

Timed.. My egg timer app gives us perfect eggs every time
Square/rectangle My little cookie dough tin
Bit of a cheat.. Metal (for my crochet hook) and Circle for Lucky7s

Never fails to cheer me up.. I was stuck with this but the boys really NEVER fail to cheer me up

Silver linings are not obvious ones.. the biggest one must be that I had a really good chat with my mum, anybody who knows about me and my mum, will know how extraordinary that is! For her to agree with me and to tell me that I did a job well, it has to be in the region of perfect. I am learning that I'm living through things I never thought I could, and that no matter what, there is always another day after a night's sleep. It may be just as much of a rubbish day as the one before, but there will be another one. 


  1. Oh Nicky, My mum was just like yours and it has taken me years to be able to feel good about myself. But I'm OK now. I love your takes on the shapes this week.

  2. Glad you are still managing to take photos and blog ((hugs)) xx

  3. SO pleased you had a chat with your mum 3>