Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 44 - close

I am still on the catch up.. but at least I am not behind on photos and actually have quite a few to choose from. 
We had many "close" happenings this week, in just about every sense of the word! But I hope that we will be able to close off some of the stuff and move forward. Some people came very close to actual bodily harm, some people came very close to pushing me over the edge, other people became a lot closer to me. I know this is all rather cryptic and some part of me thinks it might be good for me to literally spell out what has been happening, but not on a public platform such as this. Lessons were learned, and maybe it would actually turn this blog into something with purpose if I did share more, but for the moment I am just putting this here as a "mental note to self". 
For the photo I chose my gathered Project Life goodies, putting them in one pile means I am that bit closer to starting something that I have been planning on doing for the last four years. But, because our life either resembles a soap opera or is so tedious and boring that nothing noteworthy happens, I have never even come close to starting.

The Lucky7s shape is Oval... I don't think you can get more oval than an egg :)


  1. The picture of your egg is neat.

  2. I need to see your Project Life album started! I need someone to force me to carry on doing mine.