Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Days 45 - 48 Catching Up

This blogging thing really doesn't seem to sit right with me... I wish I could produce a wonderful blog like so many other "Mommy bloggers" (I hate that term but I guess that is what they're officially called) out there, but it just doesn't seem to happen. 

I suppose I could regale you all with some wonderfully weird tales about our life in a household with three autistic family members, it does get hilarious at times especially as the three of us seem to be literal about different things. Or I could impart some of the new, mostly disastrous, recipes I try to conjure up... or maybe give reviews on my recent Ebay antics (now THAT would be funny to read, especially the window replacement story).. or maybe I should just stick with trying to keep up to date with my own 365 photo challenge... that might be a good start!

Life here is the same as normal, resembling the best white knuckle rollercoaster ride you can conjure up in your mind, then do it again and again and again and again.. you get the picture... you get to the point where you just scream "GET ME OFF THIS RIDE" in a wild panic, only nobody can hear you over the deafening soundtrack that is blaring out of the speakers all around you. Today, I am happy to report, was a mostly gentle up and down with no loopdeloops thrown in. 

I finally caved and upgraded my most loved iphone4S to the most hated IOS7, all because i came across FOUR apps that wouldn't work with my beloved, trusty old IOS6.1.x but i NEEDED those apps... I am willing to bet you hard cash that I will now find that most of my old favourite apps won't work on IOS7. 

Oh, in case you are wondering why I'm boring you all to sleep with a lenghty blog post tonight.. it's simple: I'm waiting for said IOS7 upgrade to finish so that I can get my favourite camera app back on there and take a halfway decent photo for today's "short" prompt. I was getting seriously stuck again (and yes, I was also stuck for learn.. and my idea for THAT caused the needed upgrade), had a BIG brainwave for short.. and something that might even be worth putting into a Project Life tiny little 3x2 pocket at some point! 

1. Catch up: Love is.. something weird if you ask me. I am apparently as romantic as a concrete wall or slug or both. I really don't do this mushy, slushy, lovey, dovey doo stuff at all.. I'd rather show people I love them all year round than on just one given day, when the shops tell me to. As the husband had gotten me a card and a mini galaxy bar, I kind of had to go back on my earlier resolution of ignoring Valentine's Day completely and undertook the absolute act of love: I walked all the way to the shops in the pouring rain (I thought some choice words about the little thugs who smashed my car window) and managed to find a not too overly slushy card and bargain box of chocolates! Those I think were meant to be given to a woman, but they were half price and bigger than the galaxy bar I got. And, to top it off, I arranged his food in a heart shape.. now that is as far as my romantic effort goes. 

Learn: Something I covered last year as part of the "Learn Something New Every Day" Challenge that never made it past day 3 of being scrapped. I did find my notes the other day, so I suppose I could carry on making the odd page here or there.. or I could start that Project Life album. Anyway, I had a quote learning and being taught with the blogpost and mentioned how I loved using modern technology to carry on learning all sorts of wonderful and weird things. I often have a look on my ipad or iphone on the iUniversity app to see what they have new... it really is a great app and there are lots of different subject matters that are covered. Another great tool to use is podcasts.. literally millions of bite sized bits of information delivered straight to your idevice.

Medal: My flappy bird medal.. I've since moved to level 33!! And some of son number 1's medals he has collected over the last 3 or so years... he used to have hundreds of trophies and medals in our old home, but, like so many other things, they are now lost. 

I got really behind with the Lucky7s shapes.. this one was the last prompt I took a photo of.. my iphone headphones always turn into a fluid, tangled mess for some reason.

My "short fuse" can sometimes cause problems.. I try to be more patient and remind myself that things are never quite as bad as I think they are, but it is an ongoing struggle. 

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  1. I can just imagine it feeling like a roller coaster- maybe one day soon it will settle down.

    He did quite well to get a Valentines Day pressie when you had to .....walk there!