Friday, 15 January 2016

Crochet Stories - A Netgalley Review

Crochet Stories: Grimm's Fairy Tales

by Vanessa Putt

I had the pleasure of receiving a netgalley ARC of Vanessa Putt's Crochet Stories: Grimm's Fairy Tales crochet patterns. Vanessa Putt has created a truly wonderful resource for parents, teachers, childminders and any other professional who works with children. This book is a wonderful teaching resource as the author beautifully combines traditional Fairytales with her well written, clear patterns. 
The five fairy tales this book is based on are a mixture between well known classics and a couple of lesser known, the "old english" maybe hard to understand by very young children.
The patterns are all well written, with clear photos. Vanessa Putt gives ideas on how to personalise each figure separately. Beginners should carefully read the initial introductions by the author and use the information at the beginning of the book as a stitch and reference guide. 
I particularly enjoyed the Gingerbreadhouse pattern, although not very demanding to work up the pattern, the beautiful colour choices and creativity that can be put into the decorations are wonderful.
More experienced crocheters may want to adapt some of the more basic patterns, as these are straight forward amigurumis, this can easily be done. 
All in all this is a beautiful collection of patterns, with a new twist that will be a pleasure to have for many amigurumi enthusiasts. 

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