Monday, 18 January 2016

The Walnut Tree - A TBC Review

The Walnut Tree

by Caroline Wedd

The Walnut Tree follows young journalist Carrie's experiences as "the twentieth century landgirl" for a year. As part of her budding journalist career, Carrie uses a chance encounter with a young farmer to write her own column in her hometown's newspaper. She learns hands-on farming work and important life lessons.
This was not a book I read in one sitting, it was more like a gentle stroll through the countryside. Caroline Wedd perfectly sets the surroundings and detailed descriptions of situations, threads used to tie together characters' experiences and some very tough topics, wrapped in a gentle soft narrative, made this a book that will stay with you. On the surface, this seems to be a straight forward novel about a young woman falling in love with a less than suitable (in her mother's view) young man. The book conveys the complexity of relationships, the depth of bonds and intensity of feelings beautifully. The pace picks up towards the end, you will find yourself gripped and entangled in Carrie's world and the people who live in it.
I was very pleased and excited to see that Caroline Wedd will share more of Carrie and Jon's story in a second book this year.

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