Monday, 25 January 2016

The Red Notebook - Netgalley Review

The Red Notebook

by Antoine Lorrain

Antoine Laurain has created a perfect miniature with this book. At 160 pages short, this little book is an amazingly detailed and heart warming piece of literature.
When Laurent finds an abandoned handbag, he is compelled to find it's owner. All he has to go by is the contents of the bag, a red notebook, a set of keys, perfume and all the other delightful little trinkets us women like to carry in our bags. 
Despite this being a very short book, the author manages to set the scenes and backdrops perfectly, all characters you meet are well thought through and the story flows nicely from start to finish. The characters are all likeable and charming, the description of the locations transport you to Paris and the many idyllic little places in this most charming city of all. 
This is a gentle, romantic, Parisienne tale. 

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