Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ten Days - Netgalley Review

Ten Days

by Gillian Slovo

In "Ten Days", Gillian Slovo takes the reader on a time-line to chaos. How does one death plunge a nation into violence and disobedience? A London in the not so distant future is the background for this chilling read. From the drudge of a local council estate to the fancy lifestyle of the British Politicians, the reader is taken along on an insightful journey of how a quest for answers from those at the top can lead to civil unrest. 
Anybody who witnessed the 2011 riots on Britain's streets, will recognize the scenes described, in brilliant detail, by the author. The fascinating thing about this book is that the author seems to answer the most burning questions anybody had at the time: How could this happen? Why did this happen? 
At times it was difficult to remember that this was a piece of fiction as Gillian Slovo does such a good job of transporting us back to the news headlines, the constant media loops we were all glued to, the vivid descriptions of the scenes the main characters were facing.
We follow the unfolding of the events from several different aspects, a resident on the council estate of where it all starts, a police officer and the new commissioner of the MET, the home secretary and the prime minister. 
The author manages to address a number of society's problems and ties these firmly into the foundations of the book's objective. 

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