Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 161 - frayed

Ohh this is not funny anymore :D ... when i was asked what today's word is and answered with "frayed", the (not so) dh suggested "i can take a photo of you"... i pointed out that yesterday's "vintage" was already another self portrait, so i gave up on help from my lot and went off to find something frayed.
As Anne has already shown off what happens to much loved cuddly toys that are owned by dogs, i passed up on showing you all cooper's victims. He only seems to love them once theyre unstuffed.. but then they go everywhere he goes.. the only stuffy that has survived cooper's enthusiasm is Mr Ted (im sure ive mentioned him before).. we took Mr Ted with us when we picked cooper up from his foster home.

Anyway, my real frayed comes in the form of my new chinese bracelet ... it supposedly says "LOVE" but i have a sneaking suspicion that it doesnt :D it is rather pretty though, so i thought id snap a photo of the frayed knot before tying it round my wrist.


  1. what a pretty bracelet.

    Cooper seems to have the same sort of idea about cuddly toys as Holly.

  2. Your Chinese bracelet DOES say love Nicky, but your photo shows the character upside down.
    I know, puzzling, lol. xxx

  3. Lovely Chinese bracelet, glad Anne has confirmed it says Love.
    Cooper looks happy with his cuddly toy.

  4. Great that it does say Love. It's gorgeous.
    What a gorgeous photo of Cooper cuddling!

  5. love the bracelet