Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 162 - Neglected

I have impressed myself these last few days... i got my photo AND blogpost done all before midnight! that will no doubt change again as from tomorrow when the kids are back at school.

I am currently neglecting my housework! My dh often complains about "being neglected"... and obviously at various times throughout the day this can also be heard from one of the three dkids.

I suppose the most neglected area of our house at the moment is the garden.. the weather just isnt nice enough to go out there and bother with it too much. I made a halfhearted attempt when we had our summer (remember those few really nice days??) and took a lot of the accumulated rubbish to the tip.. but we have had some strong winds over night lately and the poor fence has just given up now. New fence panels are in order i think...