Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 163 - aged

Ok, i can see a patter emerging here for this month :D and i am STILL refusing to put a photo of me up here.. so instead im going to go with the first "thing" that pops into my mind when i think of "aged"...

Holly... the dh's cat! i have a very tetchy relationship with this cat to say the least... she is very very old (the vet thinks shes nearly 20 if not 20+) and she has the usual "old lady's" problems, like missing the litter tray, not even bothering to FIND the litter tray, being picky about food, constantly making the most annoying noise whenever someone goes near her.. none of these make her any more appealing to me. add to that that she looks rather ragged, and i try my best to just coexist with her and have as little as possible to do with her. I know she has been dh's companion for well over 10yrs now, so we kind of tolerate each other providing we dont get too involved with each other...


  1. I know what you mean about tolerating someone's faithful companion, one of our cats I only just toerate yet DH adores her!!

    Well I did 'me' this morning LOL!!

  2. That could almost be a description of Guy's old cat. She tolerated me- and loved Guy!!!! She did actually adopt Amy when she was getting older.

  3. She looks very beautiful but I know some cats can make your life misery if they don't like you !

  4. She doesnt look too impressed at having her photo taken :)

  5. Nice cat, but baby - please - turn to face us!
    / Just kidding!/
    Goot luck!