Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 181 - 186


I am on the catch up blogging again.. and to be perfectly honest, i was not going to bother tonight either, but then today's word took on a whole new dimension. All day, Vlad has been helping me out by proving just how dangerous living in this household is, however.. all his precarious happenings have to wait! Because i found something way more dangerous than all the situations poor vlad found himself in! Yes, you see that right.. its the CLIPPERS!

Somehow i have over recent years become the very very very very reluctant hairdresser for the males in this house... cj had a bad experience with the barbers, so he refused to have his hair cut, as you can imagine, after a while my boychild started to look like a deadringer for his sister, so something needed to be done! This "something" arrived in the form of the aforementioned CLIPPERS. Bear in mind, that my formal training at university and work was in pen pushing and paper organisation.. nowhere did the handbook mention anything about CLIPPERS or hairdressing!! in fact, i have just checked the good mother's manual and it isnt even mentioned in there, to the contrary, a good mother is discouraged to use this kind of tool if she has no qualification to do so. Anyway, the family ignored my worries and told me to "just go for it" and so i did. To be honest, i have been doing quite good jobs and lately even managed to bring in some form of "style".

All this came to a grinding halt today! The DS2 casually announced at 3.30pm that today is PROM day! To start at 5.30pm! So,not only did he need to be cajoled into the shower, no, we also had to find a suit for the child... needless to say, the suit he wore for our wedding is now too small. But in the grand scheme of things, the suit is a minor distraction.. the BIG disaster came in the form of "mum can you cut my hair"! My reply "yeah sure in a minute", calm as a cucumber at this point i dig out my now familiar CLIPPERS, get them all set up and... dd has an emergency with a pop bottle! so, i plunk down the clippers, rescue dd and return dutifully to ds2 to proceed with his haircut, fire up the CLIPPERS, get set, ready and GO... just to find that the size guard hadnt clipped on properly and fallen off, so now ds2 was sporting a rather unfetching ungraded stripe right down the side of his head! OH Horror! What to do? Scream for the dh, he will surely know how to fix this disaster... his answer.. "well youve got to keep going now you started". I think my sheer look of horror made him rethink that answer and he dashed out... in the meanwhile i dont know whether to laugh or cry, so i do both. DS2 is being rather brave and galant about it all, reassuring me "that it's not that bad" followed by "oh my what have you done?" And remember, this is PROM night!!!! so we are quickly running out of time, with no answer to my dilemma in sight. To my luck, we are surrounded by hairdressers and barbers... you know the saying about corner shops and bradford? well, our little town is just like that only with hairdressers and dh found the place to put it all right for us. So, he whisks the ds2 off to have my haircut fixed... i get the suit and shirt and tie and shoes ready. Half an hour of agony goes by and the dh returns with a rather shorn ds2! We did manage to get him into his suit and to PROM and i managed to get a couple of photos too!