Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 187 - 191




Past its' Prime

I am refusing to do yet more self portraits! i already have done THREE during this challenge! That is more than enough photos of me.. at first i had "past its' time" in my head (i since realised i wasnt the only one :P ) and took a photo of a cake that our neighbour gave us today, very sweet gesture until we realised that it was already 3 days out of date :D I hate wasting food, but it had cream in it and as i was not sure if they even bothered to keep it refrigerated, im afraid it went straight in the bin. Anyway.. back to past its' prime.. there are 1001 examples i could use around here, but the one thing that kind of jumped at me, quite literally, was my little bird planter out front. He really isnt in the best condition anymore, but i just cannot bring myself to throw him out.


I was sure that we already had this prompt, so i did some archiving and, sure enough, all the way back in January day two was also and empty one :) An unusual sight.. and one that never lasts very long!!! My empty washing basket, in fact, by the time i had put my camera back, there was already more washing in it!