Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 192 - 196

Motion Blur

I stalked everyone today in order to get a blurry shot and what happens? everything comes out picture perfect.. hrmph. I finally managed to catch dd speed txting on her blackberry


Another prompt to show off Bertie the Bug in his weekly home :) I used to be adamant that i do NOT like flowers... but dh has other ideas and often brings home some flowers for me anyway and now im so used to having a bunch in the hallway, that it feels empty when i dont have bertie greeting me on my way in. So, this week he lives in a bunch of sweet williams.. i think he looks rather comfy and cheery in them :)


This prompt actually made me realise just how many things in our lives are motorised nowadays.. I chose to snap the toy that i found in my Kinderegg today, dh brings one of these back for me about once a week, it's sort of a joke I say sort of because i still love opening my little surprise egg to see if i got one of the characters.. but im just as delighted when i come across the little toys you have to build. My uncle used to buy me these when i was little and i used to have a big collection of all the toys i had accumulated over the years. I think dh is trying to help me build up another collection, as i have gotten into the habit of building my toy and then putting it into a big vase that i dont ever use for its' intended purpose. And yes, we all had an infantile moment or two racing the little car across the table, only to get caught by somebody, who then proceeded to share in the delight as soon as they felt they were unobserved.


It really is hard to believe that we are in the middle of summer! I can remember long, sunny, warm holidays spent at the local open air pool with my friends... getting so sunburnt, i had blisters and gave my mother some very sleepless nights.. I think the impact climate change is having on us is quite remarkable and noticable nowadays though. The lack of sunlight makes me feel so depressed and i hate having to turn the heating on in the evenings, but i just get so cold. My hands are permanently like iceblocks, so today, i snapped a photo of one of my freezing hands (though they do come in handy when i want to give dh a bit of shock :D cold hands on a toasty warm back always get the desired reaction)


This proved to be quite a hard word for me... nothing shiny i encountered was quite "right", so in the end, this photo was a last minute snap to get a photo for the day. It was dh's birthday, and, as hes really a big kid at heart (and a massive "superhero fan" though he denies that vehemntly, despite him telling me on a daily basis that it is only x days to batman) I bought him a matching batman cake and tshirt! The "shiny" part comes in the form of the horrid cake boards that these cakes are delivered on...