Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 12 - Up

Since I can't sleep (again) I may as well do something useful and upload my day 12 photos. The dailysnappers word was up and the Lucky7 word was brown.

I played around a little bit, trying to get a more creative, interesting shot but gave up after a while as I just don't seem to have a talent for photography... There has to be a hobby out there for me, I just haven't realised what it might be. I tend to be mediocre at most things I try, but it sure would be nice to shine at something now and again. 

Anyway, here are my mediocre snippets of a mediocre Sunday

     Love it when the water bubbles up!!

The little brown cupboard I was given by Kim was finally put up.

I played around with brown chocolate buttons before they were all eaten up

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