Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 1.3 - Bag

Ok, I totally and utterly admit it... I'm so fed up with today's date, I won't even write it down properly. .. I never liked uneven numbers, but last year has most definitely given me  Triskaidekaphobia on a whole new scale!!! 

As hiding under my duvet wasn't a feasible option, I had to come out and brave the day, which so far, has gone by without any major upsets. Watch it all go downhill from here on in ....

Over in our little facebook group DailySnappers the girls were showing off their flash handbags, needless to say, rather than suffering from serious handbag envy, I braved the Bermuda Triangle (which is also known as the cupboard under the stairs) and dug out my very special, only take out on very important occasions to very special places Louis Vuitton bag. I think I've taken him out exactly TWICE!! I know, I either need to get out more to those special occasion, very special places or get over myself and just use the handbag already. Anyway, I tried to show Louis II off in his best light, which is a task and a half in our midterrace, dark and dingy living room. So, yet again, no creative or even remotely interesting looking shots from me. And while I was at it, I also took a picture of our now rather bare looking living room. I cannot remember where I put all the little bits and pieces that usually clutter up the top shelf after taking down the christmas decorations.. but if you look closely you may spot TWO decorations that I totally forgot and that now have to stay there all year. Today was a horrid, wet, grey and windy day so I spent most of it inside.