Monday, 20 January 2014

Day 20 - Cosy

This must be an absolute first: I'm updating my blog in the middle of the afternoon, of the right day! Today's word was quite easy to be honest and my fleecy top and steaming mug of coffee were an obvious choice. And throughout the day, Cooper has provided me with several "cosy" photos as well.

The Lucky7s challenge this week is going to be.... interesting! I *think* I have today and day 5 sorted... not entirely sure yet .. though if I get really desperate, it will take the form of "here are 4 coffees, here are 5 coffees and .. here are 6 and 7 coffees". My world in one word is: HOME (even if it doesn't feel particularly cosy today!!!)

And in other news: My laptop has decided to work again, after having a fit when Becks managed to get diet coke all over it. (Yes, i know it is really my fault for leaving a glass near the laptop on the table, how silly of me to presume that that was a safe place to put a glass)