Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Day 22 - Swirly

I'm really not in the mood for blogging tonight, but I know all too well where that route will lead.. so I will put "something" on here for today.

Today's dailysnappers word prompt was actually quite fun to come up with.. well, the FIRST photo was anyway.. I had tons of fun playing around with water and other stuff to make a swirly pattern. I had just happily sat down at my PC to blog the said, succesful experiment, when the loudest crash could be heard from the boys' bedroom. I figured it was child2 falling off his chair or breaking his bed (again) so was in no hurry to go and examine the damage. Until the point that said child2 came blundering down the stairs to inform me that "the ceiling had fallen down".. What?? That's impossible child2.. no, really he has fallen through the ceiling. So I make my weary way up the stairs to find that, yes indeed, the husband had fallen through the ceiling. It really beggars belief how ONE single human can be THIS accident prone. Anyway, after all of that, my poor brain has gone into a swirly round about of emotions... I'm sure one day we will laugh about this, but right now.. I'm finding it hard to see the funny side of things.

As for the Lucky7s photo for the day, well, that was easy... my world in THREE WORDS.. child1, child2 and child3 :)


  1. Good choice. You can never go wrong with pictures of your kids.

  2. OMG - the ceiling has fallen down!
    I'm glad no one is hurt.
    Now I understand that -
    "- Quieter, that the ceiling will fall!"
    Bravo for the Lucky7s photo!
    Have a nice day!

  3. How did that happen??
    Good idea.. Joy is right x

  4. Brilliant photo. Bad luck with the ceiling. I hope hubby wasn't badly hurt.