Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 36 - I heard

I actually heard lots of things today, but was always too slow to grab photos of them so I ended up with a screen shot of my currently playing album. Then I bought a new toy for Coops and he just could not figure out where the squeakers are, it was driving him nuts that I would pick it up, squeak and throw it.. he was chewing it, throwing it, shaking it.. but he could.not.find.the.squeak :D 


For the Lucky7s challenge I cheated and went into the archives, I took the photo of dd with the "silent man" (perfect husband material if you ask me) back in October last year when we met up with Kim in Birmingham! 

The ceiling is now almost done and I had it straight from the mouth of a builder that I have done a good job and that I am good to go with the skim and then finish. I was so proud of myself to have fixed something quite major!

 My silver lining most definitely has to be the fact that i was told "good job" by someone who knows what they are talking about! And I went into a council office to ask a question, all by myself! I did burst into tears but I did it, I managed to push my boundary quite a lot further than i thought possible. I was exhausted and all sorts of disjointed afterwards, but it is the small steps that will make the long journey.


  1. Sounds like you have had a good day. Wonderful

  2. Love that statue.. my daughter hates mannequins, not sure what she would think of this.. so real x

  3. Well done on all your 'firsts' been there and got the badge :) x